Belize's International Airport Reopens

The sudden onset of numerous COVID-19 confirmed cases in March 2020 forced the tiny country of Belize to close its borders and implement a nationwide state of emergency to protect its people. Having been closed to visitors for more than six months, Belize is preparing to reopen its International Airport to leisure travelers on October 1, 2020.

The reopening comes on the heels of a five-phase travel reopening plan along with the launch of a Tourism Gold Standard Recognition Program. Both measures aim to enhance and enforce standard operating procedures to ensure optimum cleanliness, safe social interactions, and the like, while allowing visitors to enjoy their stay with minimal impact from the changes brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic.


Although the nationwide shutdown brought all businesses to a screeching halt, the Real Estate Industry in Belize is once again beginning to pick up traction. During this time, Matus Real Estate has worked tirelessly to ensure that our Client’s interests remained our top priority allowing us to safeguard numerous “Under Contract” deals on their behalf.

Belize’s real estate market is buzzing with activity and the announcement of the reopening of Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport has peaked the interest of potential buyers. If there ever was a time to contemplate a life in Belize, there is no better opportunity than the present when Belize real estate is entering the ultimate buyer’s market.

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