1.58 Acres in Ranchito Village, Corozal

US $140,000
BZ $280,000

Location: Corozal Town, Corozal
Listing ID: 149

Property Type: Land


Looking for the ideal location for retirement in Belize? This is the right choice for Belize real estate! This serene property located in the Ranchito Village of Corozal District sits only 1 mile outside Corozal Town and is in close proximity to the Mexican Border.

This lot measures 1.58 acres and is on solid, elevated ground that's ready for construction. The unique elevation of the property allows for easy run-off of water so it is less susceptible to flooding.

The property is easily accessible by road on three sides which adds to its forte as an ideal investment opportunity as the entire plot can be subdivided with all lots having road access. The property has been cleared and landscaped with fruit-bearing trees such as mangoes and coconuts. A 50-foot water well that never runs dry is also located on-site with easy access to the municipal water line.

On the North-Eastern part of the property sits a two-story concrete structure measuring approximately 20 x 30 ft. having combined square footage of 1,200 square feet. The layout of the ground level was intended to be used as a service garage station with the second level being a residential dwelling.

This property offers beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea which can be appreciated from the second level of the residence.

Property Attributes:

  • Perfect for a family estate or retirement investment
  • 1.58 acres of high, solid land
  • Pile foundation not necessary for construction in this area
  • Land not susceptible to flooding
  • Landscaped with fruit bearing trees
  • The plot can easily be subdivided with road access to all lots
  • The municipal airstrip is within walking distance with connecting flights to the PGIA or other districts
  • Major utilities readily available

    Address: Ranchito Village
    City/Town/Village: Corozal Town
    District: Corozal
    Floors: 2
    Lot Size: 1.58 Acres
    Filled: Yes
    Markers: Yes

Community Features

  • Airport
  • Grocery/Hardware
  • High Speed Internet
  • Hotels
  • Municipal Power
  • Municipal Water
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Taxi




Daniel Matus


[email protected]

+501 615 5886

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