3 bedroom 1 Bath residence located at the corner of Gentle & Meighan Avenue, Belize City

US $75,000
BZ $150,000

Location: Belize City, Belize
Listing ID: 70

Property Type: Residential


Located in one of Belize's oldest neighborhoods yet still sough after, King's Park, is this fixer upper home. Property is located not far from schools, medical facilities and Marion Jones Sport Complex. This property is listed as is and the owner is not basing the sale of this property on the sound structure of the residence.

    Address: Gentle & Meighan Avenue
    City/Town/Village: Belize City
    District: Belize
    Neighborhood: King's Park
    Beds: 3
    Baths: 1
    Floors: 1
    Square Feet: 1,200
    Lot Size: 50 x 75




Daniel Matus


[email protected]

+501 615 5886

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