Commercial Highway Frontage Lot

US $150,000
BZ $300,000

Location: Belize City, Belize
Listing ID: 14

Property Type: Land


Located on Mile 4 Philip Goldson Highway, formerly Northern Highway, sits this open lot offering tremendous commercial potential with a total square footage of 7,200 square feet. Property falls within Belize City limits with close proximity to Belize City. Lot measures aproximately 60 x 120 ft. Over the recent months there has been ongoing infratructural development in the surrounding area especially with the current highway expansion leading up to the Haulover Bridge.

Lots on this stretch of highway are rare to find especiall within city limits.

    Address: Mile 4 Philip Goldson Highway (Northern Highway)
    City/Town/Village: Belize City
    District: Belize




Daniel Matus


+501 615 5886

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