Residential Site in Rapidly Developing Belama Community

US $42,500
BZ $85,000

Location: Belize City, Belize
Listing ID: 173

Property Type: Residential


The Belama Community is known as one of Belize’s up-and-coming neighborhoods. The area is swiftly becoming Belize’s new business hub and is in close proximity to several hotels, businesses, and hospitals. This 50 x 75 ft. property sits at the very end of Belama, Phase 3. It has recently been filled with solid clay filling setting the property higher than both adjacent lots and the main street at the front of the property. The property sits right off of Albert Hoy Avenue which is the main artery that connects all sections of the Belama community. The property also features canal access with a short distance to the Haulover Creek, making it an ideal investment for boat aficionados.

Property Attributes:

  • Lot is filled
  • Offers canal access
  • Measures 50 x 75 ft.
  • Major utilities readily accessible
  • Internet and cable are readily available in the area
  • Regular access to public transportation
  • Short distance to supermarkets, hardware stores, and churches
  • Short walking distance to public parks located in Belama Phase 4 and Phase 1

**NOTE: There is currently a high demand for residential lots in the Northern part of Belize City priced at or below $100,000 BZD**

    Address: Albert Hoy, Belama Phase 3, Belize City
    City/Town/Village: Belize City
    District: Belize
    Neighborhood: Belama Phase 3
    Square Feet: 3,750
    Lot Size: 50 X 75 ft
    Filled: Yes
    Markers: Yes

Community Features

  • Grocery/Hardware
  • High Speed Internet
  • Municipal Power
  • Municipal Water
  • Paved Roads
  • Public Transportation
  • Restaurants
  • Stores
  • Taxi




Daniel Matus


[email protected]

+501 615 5886

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