Tremendous Residential Lot located off Mile 17 George Price Highway, Hattieville

US $10,000
BZ $20,000

Location: Belize City, Belize
Listing ID: 57

Property Type: Land


Located just off mile 17 George Price Highway is this residential lot measuring 80 x 190 ft with access roads available on both ends. On the property sits a concrete structure that once served as support for a residential home made of wood.

Property Highlights

  • Property is solid with no landfill required.
  • Huge lot measuring 80 x 190 ft.
  • located in a peaceful and quiet area of Hattieville.
  • there are homes located within close proximity.
  • light and water accessibility.
  • there is already a concrete structure to support a residence made of wood/timber.

    Address: Mile 17 George Price Highway
    City/Town/Village: Belize City
    District: Belize
    Neighborhood: Hattieville




Daniel Matus


+501 615 5886

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